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Poster: Chris U. Date: Jul 31, 2018 9:15pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Quite a day on the TDIH again

The Degen link above is broke ...? This one works: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><BR><BR>My review from waaaaaaay back in 2013 ....<BR><BR>Reviewer: Chris U. - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 20, 2013<BR>Subject: Untouchable (in certain respects)<BR>The Eyes-&gt;China; the WRS; the Lay Me Down.<BR><BR>There really are no better ways to experience these songs than this right here. Maybe Dane Country [sic - that would be "county" LOL] '73 soundboard, with the Dark Star leading into into the Eyes-&gt;China. And the 9-20-70 and '84 [sic - should be '74!] Palais de Seine version will always be in competition for quintessential TLMD ... but so too will this version. It actually happened. You can here [sic - was this guy high when he wrote this???] the people in real time reacting (or just sitting there with their heads exploding) thanks to this phenomenal recording.<BR><BR>Some criticize the wall of sound for the "thin-ness" of the vocals. That may be true for the sound going into the boards but here you discover a mix that sounds like some 50s AM radio broadcast, like the kind Bear heard when he was a kid. Go figure.<BR><BR>This post was modified by Chris U. on 2018-08-01 04:15:09

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Poster: Vermoontains Date: Aug 1, 2018 8:39am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Quite a day on the TDIH again

I liked your review. Thanks for providing the right link to the show. I am not sure how I messed up.<BR>Amen on this show and the TLMD. It is a hard song to sing and he gets it about perfect. I don't think love songs with the Dead but this one aches. <BR> If I want to hear the Truckin and the jams I start with the TLMD, just because.<BR>This audience puts me right back there with all the clap happys, calling out songs and the sing alongs.<BR>Eyes is up there with Roosevelt as a favorite of mine, very similar sound.<BR>The stand alone Scarlet here is so different from Scarlet in the 82 show but it has a nice rolling beat that moves it on, bouncy. Roosevelt Scarlet is not so much a stand alone but the meat of the PITB sandwich.<BR>The 82 Scarlet &gt; Fire is a lesson in joy and the pursuit of happiness to watch Jerry dance and sing and play.<BR><BR><BR>Good call again Fenario.<BR><BR>